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JKJ Pathology is a privately owned oral pathology lab that combines the latest technology with exceptional service and personal attention to your needs. We feel that it is important for your patients to receive the highest level of quality care and for clinicians to be updated and connected on the status of their patient's diagnoses. Each case is meticulously handled, carefully reported, and accurately tracked within our data management system.

Reports for clients are now delivered via an encrypted email attachment.

If you are a new client and have not received your password for decrypting reports please contact us at johnkacher@jkjpathology.com If you have technical difficulty, please contact us at 281-292-7954

New Clients Request a free biopsy kit here


Request Biopsy Kits

If you are not a current client of JKJ Pathology and would like to receive a specimen or oral smear kit please send us a email at johnkacher@jkjpathology.com or call 281-292-7954 and we will be happy to drop off or mail you a welcome package along with your kits.


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